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New Nikon D3000 – Nikon D3000 Takes on Canon Rebel XSi

A few years back, Canon was the first to release a sub-$1000 camera with the Rebel 300D. Nikon followed quickly with the Nikon D40, and subsequent releases of Canon and Nikon entry level DSLRs have been able to increase the technology and lower the prices of these highly regarded cameras with each new release. Both Canon and Nikon have had terrific track records in the area of user satisfaction.So how has Nikon sweetened its pot with the new D3000? There have been some very significant improvements over the extremely popular D40 which has now been discontinued from production. There are also a few improvements over the D60, which is also getting older as camera years go. Here are a few of the improvements over the Nikon D60:

LCD panel is improved from 2.7″ to 3″
Autofocus has been upped from 3 point recognition to 11 point recognition
3D AF processing
Starting price is $599 (includes kit lens)

With respect to the Canon Rebel XSi the beginning price point is even lower for the Nikon than it is for the Canon, even though the Canon XSi price tag has been reduced since the release of the Rebel T1i with its newer processor and video capability. Some things to consider as you ponder your camera buying decision.
Neither the Nikon D3000 nor the Canon Rebel XSi have video, so if you must have video in your DSLR, you are going to need to spend a bit more to get to the next level, either the Nikon D5000 or the Canon Rebel T1i.

Both cameras produce excellent images. This has been true with all the entry level cameras from Nikon and Canon – award winning image quality.
Both models allow the use of the interchangeable line of lenses designed for these and much more expensive DSLR cameras. Other lens manufacturers also produce quality lenses for Canon and Nikon that may be less expensive.