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Is It Safe To Buy a Knock Off Dress?

Can You Really Get a Modern Fashionable Look at a Discount?Many women dream of getting married in a designer gown. The problem with designer gowns, however is their price tag – many are $5,000 or even more. That’s a hefty price to pay for a dress that you’re going to wear just once, or maybe twice. That’s why many women look to purchase a knock off gown that looks like the designer dresses that are popular for that year – you get the designer look without the designer price. Seems like this would be the best way to go, right? Well not necessarily.Shop Early To Get the Best DealsMy wife was one of those brides who wanted a designer gown. My wife was also stuck with me and having the two of us pay for our own wedding, meaning we had to pull everything together, cake, photographer, and all, for $5,000 or less. That would seem like it would be the death knell sounding for a designer dress, right?We discovered that designers release their dresses like car manufacturers release their cars, so a 2012 dress is released in late summer or early fall 2011. None of those new dresses are popular yet, and if you can get your hands on one of the early models and find that you like it, you can get it for 90% off – really. We paid $500 for my wife’s gown. The summer we got married, the gown she wore was featured as the must have gown of the year. We heard of one brand new gown in Chicago, the exact same one, selling for almost $50,000. When people see our wedding photos and see her dress, one of the first questions we get asked is the price we paid for it and no one believes us.Sure we got lucky, but hey – designer gowns are designer gowns, right?Stick With a Trusted SupplierOtherwise you have to stick with a trusted supplier of replica gowns. You don’t need to have the beading on the gown falling off as you’re walking down the aisle or have seems popping out as you move. Read the reviews, talk to your consultant if you have one, and find the right maker for you. It’s true that not all dresses are made alike, and if you buy something that is dirt cheap, you’re going to end up with dirt cheap quality.So if you are looking to have a designer gown and don’t have the funds to pay a designer price for it, shop early in the season, set your sights on the dress that you like, and who knows – you might just be in the dress of the season at the start of the season and laughing all the way to the bank.